People write to the President of India asking for a Ban on Chinese manja

On the 15th & 16th of March, as part of our#WorldSparrowDay celebrations, we displayed a stall at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon.

As part of one of the activities, we asked people to write a poster to “the President of India” requesting him to “Help impose a nation-wide Ban on Chinese/nylon/glass manja which massacres hundreds of birds each year beside lethally injuring many human beings and children.



Children as young as 6 years and adults as old (or young, if you believe age is just a number) as 65-70 years participated.




Here are some of the images from the activity. If you too believe in our campaign to BAN this lethal product, please “sign/Share” our online petition:

Share if you love birds.

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Nominations Open for Sparrow Awards 2014.

The response to Nature Forever Society’s initiative has been overwhelming over the past three years. It is time again to look forward to nominations for the NFS Sparrow Awards for 2014, to recognize the exceptional contribution made by individuals and organizations who work quietly and tirelessly for the protection and conservation of the environment. So, while nominations are invited for this year, all are requested to spread the word so that news of the awards can reach far and wide.

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