Common Bird Monitoring of India

Common Bird Monitoring of India (CBMI) is a Citizen Science Program of Nature Forever Society. It is a first-of-its-kind national project that aims to monitor 18 common birds of the country. Citizen science projects are very recent phenomena in India and before us, no other conservation program for common birds of such national scale existed.

Involvement of people forms the backbone of our program. India lacks relevant scientific data on current common bird species distribution and numbers due to the logistical, manpower and monetary challenges that bird monitoring faces. CBMI aims to bridge this gap by monitoring common bird species (Sparrow being the prominent one) through engagement with citizens in reporting bird sightings which would be scientifically synthesized and statistically analyzed by the researchers.

So while, statistics is the evidence that forms the skeleton of CBMI, public participation and monitoring forms the body of the program. Through CBMI, we aim to harness the passion of citizens in mapping common city birds, without which our conservation efforts would crash down on its own ground. Ours is, henceforth, to the people and by the people initiative.

To know more and participate in CBMI, visit:

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