Rise for the Sparrow

Rise for the Sparrows is an initiative of the Nature Forever Society which aims to Inspire, Empower and Involve the citizens, schools, educational organisations, government agencies, NGOs and practically anyone who is to contribute towards conservation of sparrows and other common birds. It aims to achieve this by providing simple choices which can be undertaken by citizens and organisations from diverse backgrounds.


Soon, children may hear stories that begin with, “Once upon a time, there was a little bird called a sparrow.” Soon, but not yet. It is not too late to stop this calamity. Just the fact that you are reading this means, you have realized that we have suddenly become sparrow-unfriendly. You are curious to know if the House Sparrow can be saved from extinction. That’s the first step to saving the House Sparrow and to bring it back to neighborhoods where it has disappeared from.

Each of us can do our bit to save our neighbor of thousands of years. When you become a Sparrow Supporter, you make your locality and home; sparrow- friendly.

It’s not just the conservationist, researcher or government agencies that can save the House Sparrow. This bird depends on us to meet its ecological needs and it’s our responsibility to provide it with nesting sites, food, water and to keep its habitat safe. You can also get associated with organizations like NFS to help in conserving and preserving the House Sparrow for generations to come.

Voice Of Sparrow

As the adage goes, where there is a will, there surely is a way out. So, if you are passionate about saving the sparrow, there are enough and more ways of doing it. By penning a few lines on the bird, be it through a poem or a story, writing articles, shooting a small film and sending it to the Nature Forever Society for us to post it on the website, you will be doing your bit to inspire others to save the sparrow. You could also share this with family and friends, making the bird a celebrity of sorts. By doing so and by participating in the contests that we at NFS organize on a regular basis, such as the photo competition and the Biodiversity photo contest, you can be the voice of this tiny bird. Here’s how you can go about it: send in your story, poetry etc on save@natureforever.org

Sparrow Citizen Scientist

Is mapping the bird population across the country the responsibility of only a handful of scientists? Birds and animals are an integral part of our environment and its our pride and our responsibility to work towards their safe future. This includes mapping birds, feeding them, providing them a safe environment, treating injured birds and stopping or reporting bird trade. That makes you a Citizen Scientist.

Visit: www.cbmi.in/ to become a citizen scientist for Sparrows.

Be a Sparrow Hero!

Small deeds can be hugely inspiring. We at Nature Forever Society (NFS) believe no right step will go the wrong direction. Every time you do something to save the House Sparrow, you become a hero for NFS.

The House Sparrow lived happily in and around our homes because it was comfortable. We have to do little things to bring back the comfort level of this tiny but significant bird.

If you’re wondering why you should bother, think of this: If our neighbours are disappearing, soon, it may be our turn. The dwindling numbers of this amazing little bird along with other flora and fauna is a cause for concern. House Sparrows are important bio-indicators of our environment. Their decline indicates degradation of our environment. Conservation of urban flora and fauna is significant for the health of people in our rapidly growing cities.

Every step that you take to help the sparrow, however small, gives us the strength to conserve the bird to whose well-being we are devoted.

We have thought of various ways you can help but if you can come up with something else, please share it with us. Here are some of the little big ways in which you can contribute. By joining hands with us in the Rise for the Sparrow Movement, you can make a difference.

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