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"Large sparrow population in and around my house ever since I put up the feeders and the nest boxes. For last two weeks, fights were going on for the boxes and finally a few would very forlornly peep in from the glass windows. Asked MD to send me three nest boxes which could home three families in each. This morning, as one was looking around for a place to put up the first box on the verandah and the box was kept on the ledge, a sparrow couple decided to move in. Had to shoo them away to put the box up. And while we were doing it they waited patiently on the ledge. As soon as we climbed down they flew in and took over one compartment. That really must be a record time. My first nest box took over six months before anyone moved in."
From: Sunita Joshi, Gurgaon
Succeeded in getting the sparrow to build its nest. A patient watching reveals two pairs are inside building nest. Below is the picture of the same."
From: S.Kannan, Coimbatore
"Now, to give you the good news that after more than six months of hanging the feeder with bajra, finally a pair of Great Tits have regularly started visiting to eat. I am thrilled. They also try to go into the nest box next to it but haven't permanently made it a home yet. Hoping that next sparrows start visiting."
From: Rita Bhote, Pune
"I received the parcel today with the nest intact. I thank you for sending me the membership card also. I am privileged to be a member of your society. I would send you a feedback once I get the nest fixed in my garden. I hope the nest invites the birds to build their homes in my garden. I see a lot of mynahs around my place, but yet to see sparrows. I hope and trust my action would encourage for the birds to breed better in our society."
From: Jessy Deivaprasad, Bangalore
"I am honoured to be a Life Member of NFS :)

I am really touched by the trust, faith and patience you showed all through.

The parcel has arrived in perfect condition, sooner than I expected.

I simply love the instruction manual, very specific and very informative. Great! The nest box looks lovely and cute with the logo sticker perfectly perched, adding colour to the wood. The feeder is beautifully designed, light weight to carry and great as a gift.

Yes, definitely you can count on me to spread the message of conserving sparrows and Nature."
From: Radha Nagesh, Bangalore
"Congrats! You guys are doing such a brilliant job. Each of us can give back to nature in our own way. I will need more of the bird feeders as have already gifted them with or without any occasion. Will order soon. Each of us can do that. The least we can do for our environment."
From: Nin Taneja, New Delhi
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