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Ban Chinese Manja Campaign

Every year, thousands of birds are mercilessly massacred at the hands of a killer that is used across India for celebrations. Kite-flying, an old tradition that once filled the sky with its colorful hues has in the last few year turned into a soul bloody sight!

What started as a recreational activity evolved into a sport called kite fighting. These fighter kites compete voraciously to cut the fine threads of the other in a rampage to win. Indians celebrate Makar Sankranti (harvest festival), Republic Day, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, every year at various times throughout the length and breadth of the country by flying of these colorful kites (patang).

These kites are tied to the sky using a thread called manja. Courtesy the rising competitive spirit, this manja is turning more and more lethal in a drive to win. This manja is made of metallic/nylon yarn with an abrasive coat of crushed glass gummed on to it making it razor sharp and non-biodegradable. This frenzy leads to the discovery of killer Chinese manja.

Chinese manja results in thousands of bird death every year. In addition, it is non-biodegradable, that is, it does not get decomposed and sustains in environment for a long time. Even after the festivities are over, lumps of these dangerous threads (manja) remain, effectively entangling and killing innocent birds.

Over the last 2-3 years, many states have unsuccessfully tried to ban the use of this deadly Chinese manja. In 2009-10 it was banned in cities like Chennai and Mumbai. In 2011 Manja for flying kites was banned in Ludhiana, Jagraon and Khanna rural districts of Punjab. However, such sporadic and regional action has not lead to any positive results so far and both bird and human lives continue to remain in danger.

We are petitioning the top ministry people including Veerappa Moily, Environment and Forest Minister of India, S S Garbyal, Director (Wildlife Preservation), MoEF and Pranab Mukherjee, President of India to “impose a strict nation-wide ban on the use and sell of Chinese manja” and end this massacre of bird, human life and the environment. Petition link : Ban Chinese Manja

Once we have the backing of few thousand supporters, we would approach the authorities at Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Ministry of Environment & Forests and Forest Departments across states to take necessary action against the illegal buying/selling of Chinese manja. And all the perpetrators, both who sell and use Chinese manja should be effectively fined to curb its misuse.

In the meantime, we are utilizing our resources to spread awareness around the banes of Chinese manja, means of rescuing birds as well as the need for legal implementation.