What are biodiversity hotspots?

Biodiversity hotspots are one of the most important assets for native plants, insects, bees, butterflies, birds and many bird populations who are struggling due to the fragmentation, loss of natives, abundance of non-native floral community and degradation. Natives provide opportunity to flourish flora and fauna from micro to macro level in habitat, climate, hosts, shelter, food, and nesting places.

Providing Habitats

In recent years, habitat, natural trees and green areas that are essential for sparrow survival and ecological requirements such as nesting, feeding and roosting have been extensively destroyed and altered.

Conservation of Natives

Glass and aluminum composite panels in modern architecture often lack natural cavities or habitat suitable for urban birds and animals such as sparrows.

Cultural Significance

What are Cavity Nesting Birds? Cavity nesting birds are birds that build their nests, lay eggs, and raise their young in cavities. These cavities can be tree hollows, old building crevices, or other places. Cavities vary in size, shape, and location.

Supports Biodiversity

The importance of exotic plantations has increased in the last few years. The exotic plant does not attract birds or insects.


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