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We are dedicated to conservation of native flora and fauna and habitat restoration

Our mission is to involve citizens into the conservation movement, explore our impactful projects that aim to conserve Indian forests, habitats, birds, butterflies.

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About Us

Welcome to Nature Forever Society (NFS), we champion House Sparrow conservation and work with citizens, educational institutions, governments, and businesses to initiate conservation methods and advocate for wildlife habitats.

We also research on common bird problems and encourage urban planners to consider the environmental impact created by adopting Eco friendly and scientifically tested bird conservation products.

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2.2 L+

Total Saplings Planted

6.1 L+ sqft

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NFS Shop offers a variety of products to enhance your outdoor space while attracting and supporting local bird populations. From Bird Feeders to Bird Baths, Nest Boxes to Bird Food, we have everything you need to create a bird-friendly environment in your backyard. Additionally, we also provide a range of accessories to complement and enhance your beautiful backyard sanctuary.

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Support Nature Forever Society's bird conservation. Your donation aids the 'Adopt Nest Boxes and Bird Feeder Scheme,' protecting dwindling bird populations.