Conservation of Native Plants

Nature Forever Society set up the Native Plant Research and Conservation Centre (NPC) in 2016 with the aim of studying and developing habitats for the house sparrow and other local birds. The main purpose of this facility is to study native plants and their current propagation methods, increase public awareness, and conserve and support native plants. At Nature Forever Society, we believe that it is necessary to promote native plants on an urgent basis due to the limited propagation and protection of native plants species and the sharp decrease of plantation area.

Nature Forever Society started in the field of native plant conservation with the aim of providing a sustainable source of insects for the House Sparrows. Over time, we have realized that it is also important to restore the ecosystem of urban and rural landscapes in order to not only save the house sparrow, but also the entire ecosystem that consists of various forms of fauna and flora. We are also collaborating with different organisations and individuals to create Nectar & biodiversity Gardens to attract biodiversity and to restore the Devrai & Vanrai Sacred Groves.

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